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Triadelphia offers Sabbath School before the Worship Service on Saturdays at 9;30 AM.  This Sabbath School Class as Photographed is taking place in the winter and cold weather in the Sanctuary. In the warmer weather of Spring this class here will move outside into the Outdoor Chapel.  There are also several other Sabbath school classes indoors,  One extra English Class is in the Parsonage Room and there are a few more classes offered indoors in foreign languages ( one in Spanish, and one in Burmese ).  All classes start at 9:30 together in person and on Zoom.


Sabbath School Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 956 7541 6215; Passcode: 714671


Focus on MISSION – Global and nearby (9:30 – 9:50) Sanctuary

Lesson study (9:50 – 10:35)

  • Adult Class – Sanctuary
  • Adult Class – Parsonage
  • Burmese Class – Lower Level
  • Spanish Class – Parsonage
  • YouTube (begins at 9:50 AM)        YouTube Link
  • Children (begins at 9:30 AM) Lower Level
  • Teens (begins at 9:30 AM) 2nd Floor
  • Youth (begins at 9:30 AM) Parsonage


There are also Children's Sabbath school classes that are taking place while the Adult Sabbath school classes are running.


Genesis is the 2nd quarter topic of study for the Adult Sabbath School in 2022.



Online Sabbath School Lessons, ( Online Book Material )

This location provides the lessons ( Online Book Material ) also