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Our Pastor and his wife:

                      Samuel and Carolina Nunez


Triadelphia was happy to welcome

Pastor Sam and Carolina Nunez

to our pastorate the spring of 2019.



Previously, Pastor Sam spent nearly 20 years pastoring both English and Spanish churches in southern California. Besides the United States, Pastor Sam has lived in Mexico, Austria, France, and Switzerland. He likes to swim, body surf, snorkel, snow ski, learn both ancient and modern languages, and Mediterranean foods! Joseph is his favorite Bible character because of his courage and faithfulness. 


Pastor Sam is joined by his wife, Carolina, in wholeheartedly serving the church and the community. Her favorite Bible character is the widow who gave her last two coins as an offering. “I’ve often wondered what she will share with us in heaven and if she will be surprised that her story made it into Scripture.”

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Update October 16, 2021 - Expression of Appreciation for the precious service of Pastor Sam and Carolina the past two years at Triadelphia.                             

Prayer of Thanks and Blessing           Words of Appreciation 

   for Sam & Carolina Nunez                   by Gonzalo Pita

         by Gerhard Pfandl                      an Associate Elder

         an Associate Elder 



Board of Triadelphia Elders and Wives

     under the leadership of Head Elder J Wesley Taylor,

          expressing appreciation to Pastor Sam and Carolina Nunez,

               October 16, 2021.