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   The Ministry of  Health

                      “You were bought by God for a price.

                          So honor God with your bodies.”

                                 1 Corinthians 6:19.


Seventh-day Adventists promote a healthy lifestyle as part of the Christian way.  With this understanding, the Health Ministries team of Triadelphia has built their main service to the Clarksville community ~ Dinner with the Doctor.




It’s all about:

~ demonstrating healthy foods  

~ serving delicious (as well as healthy) suppers  

~ and lectures on relevant topics

by medical professionals who know what they are talking about!


Topics have included Alzheimers, hearing loss, hypertension, weight loss, increasing stamina, sleep, and getting exercise even when you skip the gym!


The Team aims for six or more sessions each year.

Check Upcoming Events frequently for the next sessions

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