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September News

  • The church board met by Zoom on the 17th and voted to increase the amount set aside for evangelism this fall. They also asked the Building Committee to assess whether or not our new construction should include any changes in light of the pandemic.
  • The Adventurer Club members and parents visited several of our church members at home on Sabbath, the 26th, to brighten their day.  They sang, recited their memory verse, and prayed for the members.
  • On that same Sabbath, a few of our members went down to DC to “The Return” - a Christian event calling people back to commitment to God.  Some of us helped pass out 20,000 copies of Modern Revivals - a book based on the 27th chapter of the book, The Great Controversy.  Others passed out copies of the complete book. There was a lot of interest in these handouts.  
  • A special online prayer meeting is happening every night from 8:00 – 8:30 PM via Zoom.  This is leading up to the online evangelistic crusade that runs from October 9 to November 2 with David Klinedinst, director of Evangelism and Church Growth for the Chesapeake Conference.


August 2020

  • Triadelphia held an afternoon pool party on the 16th at Mt. Aetna Retreat Center Pool. Even with COVID-19 safety protocols in place, everyone had a fun time celebrating summer at the pool. 
  • During the church board meeting on the 20th, the Building Committee reported that the permitting process for our new construction is moving ahead again. With the pandemic, the county had halted that process for everyone.
  • The board also voted to move ahead with hosting an online evangelistic crusade this fall, October 9 to November 2, with David Klinedinst, director of Evangelism and Church Growth for the Chesapeake Conference.
  • Our second vespers in the new outdoor chapel was on Sabbath, the 22nd. Alex Partyka shared what he has learned about God’s character, especially in light of his less-than-ideal decision making while growing up.
  • The board met again on the 27th to vote in Nilde Itin as superintendent of our adult Sabbath school. She is an Administrative Secretary at the General Conference.
  • Triadelphia celebrated a few marriages this summer: On July 3, Daniel Glassford and Crystal Zhang were married at Sandy Point State Park in Maryland. Kayla Howard married Skyler Schell near Columbus, Ohio, on July 12. Carla Friday married Jamaal Roberts at Triadelphia church on August 3. And on August 12, Jo Ashton married Austin Menzmer in an outdoor ceremony in Collegedale, TN.

July 2020 news:

  • Triadelphia’s newly-renovated “Chapel in the Pines” is completed and allows for up to 100 attendees at a time (within COVID-19 regulations). It is well-shaded and offers a refreshing place to worship, even in the heat.
  • July 18 was our first Sabbath of “in-person” worship. It began with an outdoor worship in the “chapel” at 8:00 AM, followed by a Sabbath School class at 9:00 AM. Another outdoor Sabbath School class (also livestreamed) was at 10:00 AM on the lawn near the parsonage. At 11:00 AM we held our first “in-person” worship service in the sanctuary in months, limited to 50 attendees! This service was also livestreamed on our YouTube channel.
  • July 18 also saw a group of members meet in the Fellowship Hall for a special farewell event for our students who will be heading off to school soon. That was followed by a vespers dedication of the outdoor chapel.

June 2020 News:

  • Happy 50th anniversary, Triadelphia! July 5th marked 50 years since our five-acre wooded lot was purchased.
  • The series, “Unlocking Bible Prophecies” by Triadelphia member Cami Oetman and Adventist World Radio, was a huge success! On YouTube alone, there were over one million views and counting. Hope Channel has been airing it around the world.
  • On Sabbath afternoon, July 13, Pathfinders and Adventurers enjoyed outdoor investiture services COVID-style.
  • The church board outlined their reopening plans into three phases. 1) Outdoor social events, 2) outdoor worship services on the lawn, parking lot, or in the newly renovated chapel in the woods, 3) indoor worship services.
  • We recognize our own graduates:  Kindergarten: Abigail Burdick, Emily Caron, Noah Kim, Shane Maw. Middle School: Amelia Beaven, Luke Roberts. High School: Keith Barrow, Eric Greve. College: Jo Ashton, Abby Beaven, Austin Charles-Marcel, Maigane Diop, Dinga Sokupa.
  • Quite a few members and friends have been revitalizing our “chapel in the woods” this month. They have cleared the underbrush, enlarged the space, cleared and smoothed the pathway, strengthened the platform and seating, and buried conduit (plastic piping) for the electric cables. Next comes laying the ground cover and chips.  

May 2020 News:

  • Hope Awakens, the online global evangelistic event led by John Bradshaw of It Is Written, ran for one month starting in the middle of April, concluding on May 16. Our team of 25 virtual Bible workers connected with each of the local registrants by phone and/or email, resulting in 18 individuals requesting Bible studies.
  • The pastor and elders are in discussion about a possible reopening date, hopefully soon after mid-June. Based on Howard County regulations and safety measures, conducting our services outdoors seems to be the safest option.
  • We are ready to apply for building permits from Howard County, but their offices are still closed due to the pandemic. This may delay our building project start date.
  • Cami Oetman and Adventist World Radio are holding a Bible study and Bible prophecy series called “Unlocking Bible Prophecies” through June 13.

April 2020 News:

  • Nearly two months have passed since most of us have been to church, but Triadelphia keeps going - using mainly Zoom and YouTube. 
  • HUGE THANK YOUS go to Pastor Sam and Carolina and to Gordon and Pieter for their countless hours on the technology end to bring us our Sabbath morning services. Then there are the flowers, the “sets,” videos from home, prep for the lessons and sermons, playing the piano, special music, children’s stories, video greetings from the “family,” a new camera, and much more. Bunches of Kudos to you all: Andrea, Austin, Beth, Doug, Gabriel, Ganoune, Gerhard, Joël, Josúe, Maigane, Pratap, Pieter, Serah, Susan, Ted, Wesley – and the Almeida, Burdick, Hardinge, Kim, Klingbeil, Pita, Sokupa, Wahlen, Williams and Wilson families. You are ALL a wonderful blessing.
  • The architects have sent the “75% completion drawings” and we are ready to begin the Howard County permitting process, but delays are expected with the COVID-19 quarantine situation.
  • Twenty-five of our members are Virtual Bible Workers for the evangelistic series, Hope Awakens, led by John Bradshaw, started on Friday, the 17th. 
  • AY met April 18, via Zoom, with Leena Daniel, Vice President of Programming and Logistics for ANEW – a student-run movement that trains and equips students on secular campuses to be missionaries on their campus. AY is also conducting their own Bible study group on Sabbath afternoons.
  • No Dinner with the Doctor” met virtually April 19.  The program included Drs. Maria and Fred presenting simple ways to resist the COVID-19 illness, a cooking demonstration, and a chance for viewers to call in with questions.
  • Our treasurer reports that about $380,000 is now in hand for HopeRising!

March 2020 News:

  • Although Triadelphia had to cancel all services due to the Coronavirus and “social distancing,” we began live streaming via YouTube both our Adult Sabbath School and the Worship Hour on Sabbath, March 14, with the required ten or fewer participants and abbreviated programs.
  • Sabbath School for the children, the church board and other committees are meeting via Zoom. The pastor is sending out a weekly newsletter to keep members informed.
  • Triadelphia’s plans for the 50th anniversary celebration on April 11 had to be cancelled. It is hoped to have this special weekend in the Fall.
  • Nominating Committee work has been postponed until next year. Everyone will stay in their current positions for another year, unless they need to resign, at which time the church board will work out replacements.

February 2020 News:

  • The Building Committee has met three times with the architects to review the first set of drawings. The 2nd drawings are due back to us about the end of March. 

  • Gerhard Pfandl gave two in-depth presentations on the prophecies of Daniel 2, 7, and 8 on Sabbath afternoons, February 8 and 22. Chantal Klingbeil presented information to the AY group on Sabbath afternoon, February 15, from the Ellen G White Estate. 

  • During worship on February 22, guest speaker Pastor Ali told his miraculous story of being saved from a mob who were trying to kill him for his faith. He showed the steel knife which was intended to penetrate his back. It cut through his shirt but then the blade was bent to a 90 degree angle and cut back out of his shirt - without leaving even a scratch on him! You can watch the sermon (and other Triadelphia sermons) at: Triadelphia Sermons  

  • 50th Anniversary Celebration – On April 11, Triadelphia will celebrate 50 years since the land was purchased on which our church now resides.  Former members and pastors are being invited back to Triadelphia for this very special Sabbath!  

 January 2020 News:

  • Triadelphia started out 2020 with its annual Agape Feast on Friday, January 3rd.  The evening included a light supper in the Fellowship Hall followed by a foot-washing and communion service.

  • Triadelphia joined the world-wide initiative, “Ten Days of Prayer,” from January 8-18.

  • Preliminary drawings for our building project arrived January 16. A few pages of the drawings will be posted in the Fellowship Hall in February for members to look over.

  • Sani Sokupa was baptized in Port Elizabeth, South Africa while his family was on vacation there.  Many of his family members from S.A. were able to be in attendance.

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