Dinner With the Doctor January 2020

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  Dinner With the Doctor was Terrific

Great Food, Lecture, People, and Fellowship! 


According to reports the Dinner With the Doctor program on Sunday evening, January 26, went very well. The doctor for this session was our own Fred Hardinge, speaking on the topic, “Skip the Gym.” He made the point that you do not have to have a gym membership to stay in shape!


In spite of problems with the registration function on the website, the attendance was 56 – about 20 more people than expected. Evidently Jesus did a mini version of his multiplication of food for the 5,000+ because the food, prepared for about 35 people, stretched to the 56! 


Quite a number of people from previous sessions came again, in spite of the one-year hiatus. The spirit of everyone seemed extra special on this occasion. Sessions are planned for the latter part of March and April. Watch for details.

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