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February 2020 News


  • The Building Committee has met three times with the architects to review the first set of drawings. The 2nd drawings are due back to us about the end of March.  In-progress drawings are in the fellowship hall for review.

  • Gerhard Pfandl gave two in-depth presentations on the prophecies of Daniel 2, 7, and 8 on Sabbath afternoons, February 8 and 22. Chantal Klingbeil presented information to the AY group on Sabbath afternoon, February 15, from the Ellen G White Estate. 

  • During worship on February 22, guest speaker Pastor Ali told his miraculous story of being saved from a mob who were trying to kill him for his faith. He showed the steel knife which was intended to penetrate his back. It cut through his shirt but then the blade was bent to a 90 degree angle and cut back out of his shirt - without leaving even a scratch on him! You can watch the sermon (and other Triadelphia sermons) at: Triadelphia Sermons  

  • 50th Anniversary Celebration – On April 11, Triadelphia will celebrate 50 years since the land was purchased on which our church now resides.  Former members and pastors are being invited back to Triadelphia for this very special Sabbath!  

  • In preparation for the celebration on April 11, we are hosting two Work Bees on March 22 and April 5: cleaning windows, spots on carpets, dusting, vacuuming, re-organizing storage items, polishing wood, deep-cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, stairwells, plus much more.  Outside, the landscaping needs some attention, and the outdoor chapel and trail to it need to be renewed. AND we want to blaze a new trail - from the corner of the parking lot where the short block wall is, down to the creek at the bottom of our property. This requires chainsaws, cutting trees, carrying out limbs, and scraping off groundcover where the trail will be.  In the end, we’ll have a trail you can walk on after church down to the creek. There is even talk of benches and picnic tables! 


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