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Other Booth Experiences

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Other Booth Experiences
Quesia de Sousa: Another lady passed by with a tall little boy...I bent down and offered him the fan and the goody bag...Then the lady (his grandma) said ‘See Ryan, this is God's creation, a very, very beautiful picture. Thank you guys for doing this. God bless you." Then the little boy asked ‘But where is Jesus? Is he this guy in the picture?’ I started talking with the boy while the lady talked with May-Ellen. It was really a blessing, because I noticed she got really interested in many other materials. Praise the Lord, He orchestrated so that I could entertain the boy while May Ellen was able to share the good news with his grandma. At the end she profusely thanked us for all that we were doing...a great encouragement....!!!!

Ted Wilson: Met Michael from Savage, MD, a volunteer fireman. He took the Bible Quiz and we talked about spiritual things. He comes from an Episcopal background but now seems to have an understanding of various beliefs. When I tried to give him a booklet on SDAs he said he had already read it. He said one of his best friends works at the SDA headquarters. He said it’s hard to find any “bad” people in the SDA Church! Praise the Lord he has that viewpoint. I gave him literature on the Sabbath and the 2nd Coming. Let’s pray for Michael!  

Janet Jagdhane and April Hardinge: (breast cancer and a brain tumor) after arriving back from Korea with their newest adopted sister. He left with a stack of selected pamphlets, books and information about Doug Batchelor because of his unique background (living in a cave, finding a Bible and reading it cover-to-cover). Mrs Hardinge prayed a beautiful prayer with Jacob. Jacob now lives with his pastor, as his father is taking care of five children, several of them adopted. The pastor walked by and was happy we were there praying for Jacob. He remembered talking with Quesia and May-Ellen earlier in the day, and he was obviously quite impressed. Mrs Hardinge reminded Jacob that he will always have the legacy his mother left with him as he goes through his life which will tie him to her forever and that he will always know how others feel who may go through the same loss of mother at such a young age. Please keep Jacob in your prayers.

David Jagdhane: I have one young lady from Baltimore showing great interest in our message. Her husband is Jehovah Witness. I'm going to meet her again tomorrow night. …The Lord had His special angels over our booth.

April Hardinge: One young man came by, looked through some literature & left. David told me ‘I should have asked him to do the Quiz.’ Later the young man returned, and I remembered him, so I asked if he’d like to do the Quiz. He did and David was able to talk to him about the state of the dead and eternal fire, offered him Bible lessons, and invited him to church for Bible lessons.

Tony and Tracey Williams: First person I spoke to was actually a lengthy and good contact. The lady asked me if I had seen the movie 'Noah.' I hadn't so asked what she thought about it. She didn't think some of it accurate and began asking me what really happened. I was instant in prayer as we talked, thinking aboaut how to talk on other subjects that matter also. Thought came - and I asked if she'd take our Quiz. She was a little hesitant saying she didn't think she'd do well. I encouraged and she agreed. She was unsure of Question 8 (on the 2nd Coming?). I talked about the right answer to which she said, ‘Christians don't believe in the 2nd coming of Jesus, do they?’ I assured her that many do, that I do, and shared 2 Thessalonians 4 with her. At this point she asked about who I was with. I loved having the photo of our church/name right there, and told her about my church and that the word "Adventist" referred to our belief in Jesus' 2nd coming. We continued to talk about the 2nd coming idea. Linda Friday collected the right tracts on Q8 (allowing me to focus on the conversation). As we continued to talk Linda slid a Bible Readings book to me  turned to the 2nd coming (Thank you Linda !), and offered the book to the lady. She gladly accepted. The conversation continued to progress from one topic to another,; including our families. I talked about Theron and she talked about her grandchildren. That seemed a good opening so I invited her to enter our free drawing for the Children's DVD. She thanked me for talking with her. When we exchanged names she asked if "Tony Williams" was a name in the Bible! First time I've ever been asked that. I said, ‘no, not by name per se’ but that I plan to be among those taken to heaven at the second coming! Clearly the Holy Spirit led in this conversation. I had no idea how we'd ever move from talking about Noah.

Ken Comstock: Janet and I were a little playful with people, which seemed to work well. I would try and catch their attention, and Janet would reel them in!  One lady posed with me as Janet wanted to get a photo. She surprised me by putting her arm around me and hugging me. I told her since she was so nice, I was going to baptize her then and there, although I'd never done it before, but wanted to practice on her!  Another couple walked by, their son (who was maybe 5), was checking out the booklet on how to improve your marriage. He didn't know what it was about I'm sure but liked the picture. I teased his parents that he was a little young to be thinking about marriage but at least he had the right idea. They ended up veering over to the table and went away with more literature. I can't remember what, but we made sure they took the one on marriage!

David Park: There was a young kid named Alonzo, I believe he was an exhibitor because he was wearing a uniform. Mr. Josué grabbed him and got him to do a quiz with me. When we went through the quiz, the Sabbath question arose. I told him that in actuality the seventh day is Saturday and that the day does matter. The best analogy I could think of at that time was to relate to how significant the day is. I asked him, "do you have a girlfriend?" He said no. I said well, "say you were married, and your anniversary was say, March 21. Say that March 21 rolled around, and you're sitting on the couch, doing nothing, making no mention of the anniversary to your wife. How would your wife feel?" He said, "not good." I said, "Say March 22 rolled around, and all of a sudden you popped up and said "Hi honey, happy anniversary, let's celebrate!!" What would she think? Well, she wouldn't be happy right? Because the anniversary was March 21, not March 22. It's March 21 that's special, not March 22. In the same way, Saturday is God's designated day of worship. That's the time that He made special, when He wants us to come together and worship." When I told Alonzo this, he bent his head backward as if a light had gone off in his head, and was like "ohhhhhhh." Why the day is important made sense to him now. He had genuine spiritual interest, and gave me his email so we could continue correspondence.