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Reach the Cities

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Reach the Cities
Reaching the Cities Summit
Discover how to work the cities “as God would have them worked”* and hasten the return of Christ!
Timely & powerful presentations on how urban “centers of influence” will reach the cities for Christ in the last days!
“Reaching the Cities Using Urban Centers of Influence”
“Epigenetics and Lifestyle Medicine: The Adventist Health Message in a Modern World” - Dr. John Kelly, MD, MPH, Founder/Director of the Lifestyle Health Center, Rocky Mount, VA
“The Call to City Ministry” - Dr. Jeff McAuliffe, DDS, Coordinator for “Mission to the Many” in the Pennsylvania Conference

“God’s Plan for Reaching the Cities With the 3 Angels’ Messages“ - Brief comments by Ted Wilson, followed the message.
“Mission Plans and Activities for Urban Ministry Using ‘Centers of Influence`”  - Gary Krause, Director of Adventist Missions, General Conference
“Historical Context of the Call to City Ministry” - Dave Fiedler, Author, Educator, and Founder of Adventist City Missions, Inc. 
“Plans and Activities in the Pennsylvania Conference” - Dr. Jeff McAuliffe, DDS

“Experiences and Plans in Wichita” - Dave Fiedler

“Experiences and Plans for City Ministry Using CHIP” - Dr. John Kelly, MD, MPH
Panel Discussion/ Q&A 
"Pastors and Physicians in Gospel/Health Team Ministry" - Dr. John Torquato, MD & Pastor Wayne Kablanow
Part 2
Part 3