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What's a deacon anyway?
In our church, when one thinks of the office of a deacon, many think first of the men who take up the offering for the church service each week. That's a very important and visible part of the deacon's job. They know when to march up the isle, how to stay together while sending the offering plates through the audience, and how to make sure the plates end up where they belong.
But that's not all deacons do, and that's why the office of deacon was given so much notice in the early Christian Church. Deacon's are often faced with little (and huge) jobs to do during the rest of the week. They make sure the building is secure and properly maintained, they come to church early to get the heat control in order, open all the classroom doors, and rearrange misplaced tables or other furniture. In our church they help count the offering. Then they often stay until everyone else has left, to ensure that the building is secure. 
They visit people who need special help, attend committees to make equipment and building decisions for the church, go out and get estimates for jobs needing to be done, and many times, do the jobs themselves.